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Dyshidrotic Eczema Treatment Cream

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If you have dyshidrotic eczema, your skin is probably very itchy and dry. You may also have blisters that come and go. The good news is that there are treatment options available to help relieve your symptoms and give you some relief. One option is to use a topical cream or ointment that contains corticosteroids. These can help reduce inflammation and itching. Another option is to use an immunosuppressive drug like cyclosporine A (CSA). This can help keep your immune system from overreacting and causing the rash. If these treatments don’t work, you may need light therapy or oral medications such as antihistamines or antibiotics.

In addition to using creams, there are a few other things you can do to help manage your dyshidrotic eczema. Avoiding triggers that make your symptoms worse is important. Common triggers include stress, heat, and sweating. Keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and applying a humidifier in your home. And lastly, try not to scratch or rub the affected areas as this will only further irritate the skin.


  • Zlina Kozan

    I wanted to create such a page as I have been dealing with dyshidrotic eczema for a long time. On this page, I researched what came to my mind about dyshidrotic eczema and I will share the results with you. The information on this page is not treatment advice. Please consult your doctor first.

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